10 Best Inflation Stocks to Buy According to Hedge Funds

Inflation is growing, and interest rates are going up at the same time. Get stock recommendations, portfolio guidance, and more from The Motley Fool’s premium services. The insurer felt pain in 2020 as the pandemic caused unemployment rates and life insurance claims payouts to jump. Progressive has a long history of outperforming the market thanks to its use of driver data in pricing policies. If inflation persists, Progressive is in an excellent position to adapt and thrive.

Investors looking for the best stocks to invest in today will appreciate Palo Alto’s economic resilience. If for nothing else, cybersecurity is growing more important with each passing day and businesses are less likely to cut spending than ever before. Not unlike healthcare, cybersecurity is expected to remain strong heading into an inflationary economy, or even a recession. It is worth noting, however, that Alphabet appears to have been oversold in the broad portfolio reallocation. While it is a tech stock, Alphabet doesn’t have the same balance sheet issues which typically lead to a selloff. In fact, Alphabet’s free cash flow is one of the biggest reasons this equity is one of the best stocks to buy in 2022.

The S&P 500, the index which tracks the market’s largest companies, is down about 26.3%. Shares of the multinational corporation have provided today’s investors with a great shelter for their portfolios. Additionally, the company’s 2.68% dividend yield has provided some much needed cash flow at a time when the market can’t seem to get its feet underneath it. The best stocks to buy now are going to differ from investor to investor. Those with shorter investment horizons are likely prioritizing defensive stocks which have exhibited resilient metrics in the face of rising interest rates and an impending recession.

At the end of 2021, CF’s share count was about 207 million, down from 233 million in 2017 and 315 million a decade ago, according to an analysis by Value Line. All this shrinking of the share count increases earnings per share, and puts upward pressure on the stock price. You may want to invest in inflation stocks to preserve your portfolio’s value and to keep your savings growing. Investing in inflation stocks can also help you to diversify your portfolio, which will create more balance during times of upheaval. Massive fiscal spending during the pandemic, supply chain issues, rising rents, and food prices have contributed to stubbornly high inflation.

Investors who are looking at the stock market with long-term aspirations, on the other hand, may view the 2022 selloff as an opportunity to buy growth stocks with a lot of upside. While near-term price movement may be volatile, today’s prices may represent a great entry point for high-growth companies. According to Snowflake’s latest earnings report, revenue increased 83% year-over-year; that’s very impressive considering the macroeconomic environment.

best stocks for inflation 2022

As an aerospace industry leader, Boeing took a significant hit when travel came to a standstill following the COVID-19 outbreak. In the first quarter of 2020, shares deriv broker of Boeing dropped from $340.49 to $95.01 in a little over a month. To this day, in fact, Boeing has been one of the worst performing stocks in the market.


Our information is based on independent research and may differ from what you see from a financial institution or service provider. When comparing offers or services, verify relevant information with the institution or provider’s site. Find out how long term investments work and how to use long term investments to build your wealth. The pandemic has resulted in labor shortages for key services and industries. These shortages are driving up wages, an expense that is often passed on to consumers through higher prices for goods and services. COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have caused labor shortages, supply shortages and shipping constraints in many industries.

The funds and other products referred to on this Site may be offered and sold only to persons in the United States and its territories. Although equities in general perform quite poorly in high and rising inflation environments, there are potential areas that have historically performed better at the sector level. Just bear in mind, some of these platforms require being an accredited dual momentum investing: an innovative strategy for higher returns with lower risk investor and can have higher minimum investment requirements. But if you want to diversify your portfolio and potentially protect your wealth from inflation, alternative assets are worth considering. However you handle it, real estate should have a place in your portfolio if you anticipate rising inflation. Your I Bonds earn interest for 30 years unless you cash them out earlier.

best stocks for inflation 2022

Mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations —structured pools of mortgages and consumer loans—respectively, are also an option. Investors do not own the debts themselves but invest in securities whose underlying assets are the loans. Real estate is a popular choice because it becomes a more useful and popular store of value amid inflation while generating increased rental income. The PCE Price Index is a broader measure than the CPI of the change in the price of goods and services purchased by consumers.

How inflation affects interest rates

The economy’s relatively weak credit fundamentals amid tightening financial conditions globally keep us cautious.SpainWe are underweight Spanish equities. We see UK growth slowing sharply – as explicitly acknowledged by the Bank of England and yet not reflected in consensus earnings expectations. The market – that has outperformed other DMs in 2022 due to energy sector exposure – is not immune to a global downturn.Fixed incomeEuro area government bondsWe are neutral nominal European government bonds. Market pricing of ECB policy is too hawkish, we think, given looming recession. Elevated French public debt and a slower pace of structural reforms remain headwinds.Italian BTPsWe have a modest underweight on Italian BTPs.

  • Additionally, the company’s price-to-earnings ratio is actually below the industry average; that means Alphabet is trading at a discount relative to its peers.
  • COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have caused labor shortages, supply shortages and shipping constraints in many industries.
  • Energy Transfer operates a massive network of 120,000 miles of pipelines crisscrossing North America.
  • Many investments have been historically viewed as hedges—or protection—against inflation.
  • We prefer up-in-quality credit exposures amid a worsening macro backdrop.
  • Although equities in general perform quite poorly in high and rising inflation environments, there are potential areas that have historically performed better at the sector level.

Bank of America analyst Justin Post said Meta’s announcement of about 11,000 employee layoffs could be a “potential welcome shift” for the stock and others in the so-called FANG group. On Wednesday they posted two-day losses of about 24% and 32%, respectively. “While we lower our PT, it is mainly driven by the challenge facing the industry,” he said in a note to clients.

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The Fed chair, Jerome H. Powell, took a hard line at the central bank’s meeting last week, saying that the job of lowering inflation was far from over. The bull case for MercadoLibre centers on the secular tailwinds of e-commerce and the incredibly long runway it has in Latin America. If for nothing else, Fidelity International suggests e-commerce only penetrated about 9% of Latin America as recently as last year. Perhaps even more importantly, analysts expect the market cap of e-commerce to double as soon as 2025. 3 The FTSE Nareit US Real Estate Index Series is a comprehensive family of REIT-focused indices that span the commercial real-estate industry.

The dramatic rise in the operating margin was due to a significant drop in operating expenses, which, in turn, materialized from a variety of legal settlements in 2021. For ESG investors, especially for those with a focus on the “S” part of the equation, the company’s list of price fixing and antitrust litigation could be noteworthy. Revenues in the six months ended June 30 were up 28%, and earnings arrived at $2.65 per share compared to a loss in the year prior. Since a swing such as this is arithmetically an infinite improvement, consider, for context, that in all of 2021, earnings per share were just $2.28. The last time annual earnings were higher than the most recently reported six-months earnings was in 2017. The wise investor is probably asking if he or she is late to the party for one of the best inflation stocks, which is up more than 137% over the past year and near all-time highs.

The short-term impact will be even more severe if Russia cuts off the gas supply.European investment grade creditWe are overweight investment-grade credit. We find valuations attractive in terms of both overall yield and the spread vs. government bonds. Coupon income is the highest in about a decade.European high yieldWe are neutral high yield. We find the income potential attractive, yet prefer up-in-quality credit exposures amid a worsening macro backdrop. Despite a relatively stagnant year , Brookfield Renewable Corporation looks like one of the best stocks to buy and hold. The company’s safe and attractive 3.90% dividend yield will help investors weather a potential recession without sacrificing future growth.

The Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF is down more than 12% this past year. If you’re still wondering what to invest in during high inflation periods, you can explore various alternative asset classes. This can also be a wise move when markets are down since many alternative investments don’t correlate strongly, xcritical reviews or at all, with general markets. This is at least in part because high dividend-paying stocks are negatively affected by rising inflation in much the same way long-term bonds are. When inflation hits, money market funds are interest-bearing investments, and that’s where you need to have your cash parked.

Traders bet Fed can be slightly less aggressive after better-than-expected inflation report

Analysts expect 2023 sales and EPS to rise by 3.3% and 7.6%, respectively. Growth should level off to 5.3% annually over the next five years. Church & Dwight manufactures and distributes household and personal hygiene products, including cat litter and deodorant. Best known for its Arm & Hammer brand, the company produces a wide range of products that are household names.

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Additionally, smaller companies are usually growing faster than larger firms. Adding just a few investments that tend to perform well in inflationary environments could help your portfolio survive, and perhaps even thrive, during this period of runaway inflation. Periods of low or declining inflation favor adjustable rates over fixed rates when you borrow money. Higher inflation results in higher interest rates, which means that as inflation accelerates, your adjustable rates will continue to rise — even to potentially unsustainable levels. But there have been some sectors doing well despite the mass market downfall.

It is released monthly by the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the U.S. Investment real estate is traditionally a safe haven but should be approached cautiously in 2022 and 2023 given the unsettled state of the industry. Mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations are risky choices but tend to perform well under inflationary pressure. Commodities like gold, oil, and even soybeans should increase in price along with the finished products that are made with them. I hope you spend Labor Day weekend relaxing at the park, the pool or the beach.

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